Did you know that we update Scrumpy 13 times a day on average? We're continuously improving your experience. Open the Changelog to see what we've done so far.

If you're missing a feature, shoot us an email. We'll add it to the list.


  • Customizable Columns/States in progress
  • Kanban boards in progress
  • Detailed onboarding in progress
  • Multiple Assignees
  • Blockers/Flag tasks
  • Tags/Labels for Stories
  • Sprints over multiple Projects
  • Multiple sprints
  • Persona integration


  • Move stories to another project
  • Collapsible Navigation
  • Filter by Multiple Epics
  • Reorder Subtasks
  • Story filtering
  • Ability to order epics
  • “My Stories” view
  • Ability to select multiple stories (shift select)


  • Allow user tagging in Notes (Mentions) in progress
  • Google Single-Sign-On
  • View reports data on a per-user basis
  • Agile Product Roadmap
  • Gantt Chart
  • Time tracking
  • Integrated Chat


  • iOS App
  • Linux App
  • Sprint OSX plugin


  • SupportBee (create story from ticket)
  • Toggl
  • Everhour
  • Harvest time tracking
  • Dropbox files
  • Google Drive files/docs/spreadsheets
  • Bitbucket Bitbucket is missing support for secrets


  • CSV import in progress
  • Trello import
  • JIRA import


  • What's wrong now? help wanted


  • Support for other charsets (e. g. Vietnamese)
  • Spanish Translation
  • German Translation